We’ve just returned from a magical weekend teaching Yoga to those fine folks at the End of the Road Festival at the Victorian pleasure grounds that are the Larmer Tree Gardens in Wiltshire. Gardens dedicated to the pursuit of “public enlightenment and entertainment”.

Good Things Yogi Hayley teaching at EOTR


The set up for EOTR is immense, so much work, so many talented people, creating not only content, but the aesthetic. They spend the whole year crafting for one weekend in September. Only for it all to be taken down again… once the last camper packs up.

It’s created for you, for the experience, an experience that lasts a couple of days. Leaving you with a memory, maybe that lasts a lifetime. Fresh air, fine music, good food, social interactions. Communities created in a heartbeat. We spent the weekend roaming with friends we see only once a year, only to part at the gates at the end of the weekend, sure we will see each other again next time.

There’s a lesson in impermanence here. I leave enlightened in more ways than one.