We are the space for you to get your GOOD on. This is not about decadence or indulgence, but good honest time for yourself in an environment that nourishes. Choose as little or as much as you need. Our weekends encourage you to get outside, to move, to explore, to connect.

Learn a new skill, reignite a passion for an old one. Surfing, yoga, wild swimming, SUP, hiking, photography, foraging, crafting, wine tasting, photography. What calls you? What feeds you? All our locations are set against stunning natural backdrops of the UK that restore and inspire. Come alone, come together. Come sit around our fire, feed your soul.



Hayley, resident yogi and nature worshipper. Practicing yoga for well over 15 years and teaching home and away for the last 8. She’s happiest outside or making a mess in the kitchen (or taking a nap). Weaving a spell with words, she’ll find just what you need to hear and she’ll help guide your glorious bodies to goodness.

Kate has spent the last 11 years running retreats and trust us, she knows what’s good! Moving from working in international development, she now sees life through a lens and feeds her soul with her passion for photography in the water and out (I think she might actually be a mermaid).